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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Acrowall-CBS Cement Board Stucco System

    Highly impact and puncture resistant, water managed wall system incorporating a cement board core, reinforced base coat and 100% acrylic polymer exterior finish.


    ​Cement board core (e.g. PermaBase™ or other ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior approved cement boards)
    ​Reinforces impact and puncture resistance, provides moisture resistance, increases dimensional stability
    ​Rapid, mechanical attachment directly to framing
    ​Speeds application; reduces labor cost; closes in structure quickly
    ​Unlimited colors, textures and architectural details
    ​Support design freedom, create details that would be impossible or cost prohibitive with other claddings
    ​100% Acrylic, reinforced base coats  
    ​Produce a weather-resistant barrier; provide crack resistance
    ​100% Acrylic finish coats
    ​Resist fading and abrasion; options available for added dirt/mildew resistance


    Cement Board Stucco 1000 System is used for exterior walls in residential construction when high-impact, puncture-resistance and weather-resistance are design considerations and where exterior insulation is not required.
    Cement Board Stucco 1000 System is a high-impact and puncture resistant, water-managed wall system incorporating a cement-board core, reinforced base coat and 100% acrylic polymer exterior finish. CBS 1000 meets structural racking and fire code requirements when applied over acceptable sheathings.