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    AnticoGlaze is a convenient stain or glaze product consisting of a 100% acrylic polymer clear base that is distributor-tinted and offered in 8 standard colors. AnticoGlaze produces beautiful aesthetics with varied degrees of mottling, coloration and glaze, based upon the combination of application technique, the color of the AnticoGlaze itself and the color of the finish it is applied to.



    ​Array of colors available

    ​Design flexibility

    ​2 gallon or 5 gallon package


    ​Excellent weather resistance


    ​Thin film

    ​Highlight without hiding texture

    ​Fast drying

    ​Finish quickly


    • AnticoGlaze is an antiquing stain product used to impart an ‘old world’ mottled look to Acrocrete wall systems that are surfaced with an acrylic or elastomeric textured finish.

    • AnticoGlaze can be used in conjunction with any Master Builders Solutions Wall Systems and will be covered by all warranties in place for those systems.


    7.25 kg per 8-liter pail (16 lbs per 2-gallon pail)
    18.14 kg per 19-liter pail (40 lbs per 5-gallon pail)​​


    Since this is a freestyle application, coverage rates of the AnticoGlaze pigmented product will vary according to the application technique. For estimation guidelines only, consider using 1,000 square feet per 2-gallon pail and 2,500 square feet per 5-gallon pail. These coverage rates are approximate and not guaranteed to be exact.


    Available in 8 standard colors, including Venetian Red, Coral Siena, Desert Earth, Midnight Mist, Sunset Gold, Castillo Garden, Silver Lake and Sicilian Sand. View standard color chart​. Variation of the final look can be achieved by using different colored acrylic finish and different textures of the acrylic finish.​
    AnticoGlaze Product Bulletin

    AnticoGlaze Product Bulletin