Water Vapor Transmission Analysis

The BASF Wall Systems Technical Services' department will run a Water Vapor Transmission (WVT) analysis at no cost for design professionals.

A WVT analysis indicates whether a wall assembly design will allow the possibility for condensation to form within a building envelope. The analysis, based on the steady state method of calculation described in ASHRAE's Handbook of Fundamentals, calculates the temperatures, actual and saturation vapor pressures, and condensation rates (if present) at each building component interface within the wall assembly.

This is a one-dimensional, steady-state analysis that does not take into consideration the effects of air infiltration, capillary action, thermal migration, or moisture storage within the building materials. If condensation is shown to occur, the judgment as to whether the amount indicated is acceptable or not is solely up to the design professional and should be based on field studies and/or further mathematical studies that take into effect capillary action, moisture storage and similar characteristics.

Download the Water Vapor Transmission Analysis Data Sheet. Complete the form and return it to BASF Wall Systems Technical Services' department. Your analysis will be processed and you will receive the results promptly.

Water Vapor Transmission Analysis Data Sheet

Water Vapor Transmission Analysis Data Sheet