Metallic Top Coat

Metallic Top CoatFactory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer coating, Metallic Color Coat imparts a unique pearlescent appearance to exterior walls.



​Metallic appearance

​Lower cost metal panel simulation

​100% acrylic chemistry

​Provides optimal performance against elements

​Does not require a sealer

​Saves time and money


  • Metallic Color Coat creates a unique metal panel appearance over surfaces prepared with Sandable Skim Coat in  EIFS, Cement-Board Stucco, all ICF Surfacing Systems and interior veneer plaster or gypsum wallboard applications

  • Metallic Color Coat is also used for graphic highlights or to change the color of any Wall System or other compatible EIFS Finish.

  • For use as a coating over textured finishes in all applications for which Acrocrete finishes are approved; e.g. EIFS, stucco, Cement-Board Stucco, Surfacing Systems, and poured concrete or unit masonry and interior veneer plaster or gypsum wallboard applications.


18.1 kg per 19-liter pail (40 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


Approximately 1000 ft² (92.9 m²) for the first coat, 1200 ft² (111.48 m²) for the second coat and 1400 ft² (130.06 m²) if a third coat is requested. Varies depending upon texture of surface over which it is being applied.


Available in a 15 standard and custom colors.