​Senerlastic Coating

Senerlastic CoatingSenerlastic Coating is a factory-mixed, 100% acrylic-based smooth elastomeric coating that provides excellent flexibility and weatherability.



​Over 300% elongation

​Bridges cracks and enhances performance

​Low temperature flexibility

​Enhances crack resistance

​Excellent weather-proof coating

​Protects against wind-driven rain

​UV resistance

​Retains color

​Water based

S​afe, non-toxic; clean up easily with soap and water


Senerlastic Coating is intended for use as a coating on exterior wall surfaces such as concrete, stucco, unit masonry, or compatible EIFS finish coat. 


24.9 kg per 19-liter pail
(55 lbs per 5-gallon pail)

Coverage may vary depending on the texture, porosity and color of the existing substrate. Two coats are recommended to obtain the maximum elastomeric properties and for substrates with a moderate texture.


Coverage rates may vary depending on the coating texture, porosity of substrate and application techniques Coverages shown are approximate.

Approximate coverages:
First coat: 83.6–93.0 m² (900–1,000 ft²) per pail.
Second coat: 93.0–185.0 m² (1,000–2,000 ft²) per pail.
48.7 m² (525 ft²) per pail for a two-coat application.


Available in standard colors and custom colors.

Senerlastic Coating Product Bulletin

Senerlastic Coating Product Bulletin

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